We are a not-for-profit organization with the mission to be the leading resource for women and youth to become passionate builders – not just consumers – of technology by learning technical skills in a hands-on, social, and collaborative way.

In July 2011, it was a small idea – workshops for women who want to learn to code but it quickly grew into so much more. Today, Ladies Learning Code has Chapters across Canada, thriving youth programs called Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code, Canada’s first travelling computer lab — the code:mobile and we are a major force shaping digital literacy education in Canada. Oh, and we’re just getting started.

So, “what exactly is going on with the Halifax chapter?”, you ask?

Ladies Learning Code Halifax has made some serious moves. Here’s what  we did in 2016:

  • 15 Workshops and Events
  • 250 Learners (and About 60 Parents!)
  • 59 Kids Reached (at Least 29 Girls!)
  • 29 Mentors
  • Growing Our Reach
  • Growing the Ladies Learning Code HFX Community
  • Movie Screening, National Code Days
  • Teacher’s Learning Code
  • Growing Support (NTT, Victoria Chapter via Monk Office, Volta, Innovacorp, Dash Hudson, Lighthouse Labs

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